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Construction and design

  • Design of the whole machine or its parts.

  • Subsequent creation of a 3D model of individual components or assemblies.

  • Visualization,  renders, motion analysis and 3D animation of assemblies and structural units.

  • Contemporary 3D or classic 2D drawing documentation. 

  • Assembly drawings of the machine or individual units and assembly instructions.

  • Detailed production drawings.

  • 3D printing and rapid prototyping by FDA, SLS, MLS methods.

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Development and production of  machines

  • Evaluation of the current situation of the production department or workplace.

  • Design of solution variants to increase production productivity.

  • Selection of the most suitable variant based on the client's requirements.

  • Study of machine composition within production.

  • 3D visualization or virtual tour.

  • Creation of design data for machine production.

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CFD, FEA and thermal analysis

  • Computational simulations are the basis for almost every project.

  • We have know-how for various types of computational simulations.

  • CFD - Fluid Flow Simulation.

  • FEA - Strength simulation of components, assemblies and structures.

  • 3D and 1D thermal calculations.


Design of steel structures

  • We deal with design and construction design of steel structures of various types.

  • Crane structures, structures of steel halls and others.

  • 3D design and construction design of the entire structure.

  • Strength verification by a qualified structural engineer is a matter of course.

  • Virtual tours and 3D visualization.

  • Drawing and production documentation.

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